Thursday, April 16, 2009

Living/Dining Room...mostly Dining Room

Here we have the "Sunday School" set up that is now the site of my dining room.

We promptly removed the awkard "mini wall" that is in front of the lecturn. Down came the suspended ceiling and we even removed the arch. Now, personally I like arches. It's much more my style of architecture, but I opted for columns to keep the lines clean. This mish mash mutt of a house really didn't have much of a "period style", that is why I decided to just start from scratch.Here you can see the "transoms" I designed between the kitchen and living room. I didn't feel the arch would flow well with this look. Plus the dining room ceiling was a foot lower than the living room so I decided to use that to play with the design of the columns. As I began to consider the columns, I wondered if I should have given them more "shape". Once they were ready for paint I struggled with how to do them, what color for example. I found this idea in a decorative painting technique book. It was called Faux Venetian Plaster, the process was fun and I loved the look but it just wasn't coming together for me. Something just wasn't clicking. So I walked away from it, as I learned long ago...eventually, the perfect solution would come to me. I was looking through a magazine at work, yeah...because I do that, and I found this picture. There it was...The AH HA moment, the BIG CLICK! This is what the columns need to look like. Of course, I was completely dumbfounded as to how I would make this happen but a fellow rehabber said it would be easy. (For him maybe!) Regardless, I know I can get this done, afterall, I know people.
Allow me to introduce you to my Dining Room. Dining Room...Reader. Reader...Dining Room. Picture this ...a large round table, comfy chairs, good food, good drinks and good company. I know this will be my favorite room, I love how the windows surround you.The ceiling had some issues with taping during the drywall process. So I faux painted it to help disguise the obvious lines. I have some touch up to do but overall I was pleased with the result.

The paint color is Behr's Sahara Shade, it is a vibrant color but with the dark walnut floors and white trim it should be amazing. The unfinished pine flooring is down in this room now and is just waiting to be stained. But first, I need to get the kitchen done so I can get all the kitchen cabinets out of the living room.

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